Berosh Hahar – Nofim

Berosh Hahar – Nofim

A scenic 30-minute drive from the Dan coastal region brings you to an amazing guest house villa in the community of Nofim. The villa belongs to a interior designer whose love for people and aesthetics can be seen in every corner of the house and the charming garden.

Here you will be treated like royalty, because all the luxury of this place is intended for two guests.

Enjoy the pampering privacy of the cozy surroundings and the high standard of furnishings and accessories, including an especially roomy Jacuzzi, and a fantasy bedroom.

The manicured garden overlooks the breathtaking Shomron mountains, and has a spacious swimming pool and shaded seating areas. You can enjoy a sumptuous, farm-fresh breakfast (served to you in the house, the grapevine arbor or beside the pool… order a gourmet lunch or dinner…have a massage or other beauty treatments…and we can also recommend the best tour guides for the area or show your trails where you can go by yourselves.

The villa and garden can also be used for intimate events for up to 50 people. We would be happy to help you with the planning and ordering of the appropriate furniture and catering.

The kitchen at the villa and all food brought in are kosher.

For further details: 053-7349542

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