Blessing on the Mountain – Har Brakha

Blessing on the Mountain – Har Brakha

Har Brakha Visitors Center invites you to wine and dine at Har Brakha Winery and Blessing on the Mountain meat restaurant.

Got a craving for a good glass of wine and great, strictly kosher food? Come to the summit of Mt. Grizim – a.k.a. Har Brakha – and enjoy them both, surrounded by magnificent biblical landscapes, at the new Har Brakha winery visitors center, where the best traditions of food and wine come together.

Why come all the way up here? Har Brakha is close to Jerusalem and the major coastal cities, and is the natural connection to Israel’s central mountain ridge. The total dedication to the cultivation of the vineyards has produced amazing wine grapes, and the visitors center showcases the story of the winery and the renewal of Jewish life in this region.

Suitable for families and individuals from age 18.

Tours of the center include: A visit to the vineyards, with their breathaking view; a visit to the Har Brakha winery and an explanation of the wine-making process; and a visit to the wine-tasting room. The tour can be followed by a meal, by advance arrangement.

Additional tours: A visit to the observation point overlooking Joseph’s tomb and a visit to the Samaritans neighborhood and the tehina factory.

Tour duration: One hour.

Best season for visiting: May through October. Tours by advance arrangement.

Opening hours: Sun.-Thu. 9:00 till 18:00; Fri. 9:00 till 14:30. Closed on Sabbaths and Jewish holidays.

Wheelchair accessible.

Cost: NIS 30 for the tour of the vineyard, winery and visitors center.

NIS 15 for a shorter, partial tour that includes wine-tasting at the visitors center.

Contact us: 052-8070798



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