Givot Olam Farm – Itamar

Givot Olam Farm – Itamar

Givot Olam Farm has been Israel’s leading producer of organic foods since 1997.

The farm is located on of the hills above the community of Itamar in Nahalat Yosef, the tribal inheritance of the descendants of Joseph, and the farm’s name (which means “everlasting hills”) is derived from Moses’ blessing to that tribe – “May his land be blessed by the Lord, from the precious things of heaven…and the precious things of the everlasting hills.” (Deuteronomy 33:13-15).

The farm produces and markets a wide range of products –  organic eggs and organic goat’s milk products and high quality boutique wines.

We invite you to visit the farm, where you can tour the animal enclosures, see the ancient winepress, buy the local produce and enjoy the grassy picinic area.

Contact us: 050-2474745

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