Kedumim Ranch – Shomron Extreme Sports Center

Kedumim Ranch – Shomron Extreme Sports Center

Kedumim Ranch is located at the entrance to the community of Kedumim, below the residential neighborhood and behind the Sonol filling station, in a specially designated area. Over the years we have become the most experienced extreme sports site in the region, with the largest variety of activities for therapeutic, educational and recreational purposes.

The therapeutic and extreme sports center at the ranch is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that have been built with the greatest care, especially for you. There is a large riding arena, a round riding ring and even a covered riding area for special activities and riding lessons. The center is the only one in Shomron that has arrangements with all the HMOs, the Ministry of Defense, the National Insurance Institute and other entities for providing subsudized riding and sports therapy sessions.

Kedumim Ranch’s instructors are skilled professionals, with training and experience in education, special education, informal education, horseback riding and extreme sports.

The center’s professionals assist in the planning of educational activities sponsored by the Kedumim municipality, Shomron Regional Council, Immanuel municipality, and the local educational institutions, with a focus on the educational, disciplinary, group dynamics and individual achievement aspects of the activities.

The center has one-of-a-kind installations, such as the 11.5 meter high climbing wall, which has 10 climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty, with three different sections. There is also a 90-meter zip line, jumping apparatus and a mobile rope park 30 meters long.

The center hosts groups for paintball, ODT activities, laser tag, carting, trail riding through the scenic Shomron countryside and much more.

Throughout the year Kedumim Ranch is a meeting place for youngsters from the entire region and is a venue for volunteer activities, educational programs and various types of therapies.

Many special events are held here – bar/bat mitzvas, pre-army send-off parties, bonding activities for all age groups and all types of companies. The ranch is also a favorite part of annual school trips and family gatherings. We are the only facility in Israel with such a wide range of riding and extreme sports options.

Kedumim Ranch can even bring certain activities, such as laser tag, paintball, the rope park and even the horses to events at other locations.

The ranch can host hundreds of visitors at a time, with proper coordination and based on the time allowed and the budget for each activity.

The ranch is closed on Saturdays and Jewish holidays.

Contact us: 052-6826223

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