Tura Winery

Tura Winery

Tura Winery is a family-run (estate) winery, founded by Erez and Vered Ben Saadon in the community of Rehelim. The family planted vineyards for the winery in 1997 in Har Brakha, whose rare and unique combination of mountain soil, elevation (850 meters above sea level) and climate (hot days, cool nights and westerly winds) are among the best in Israel for growing exceptional quality wine grapes.

In 2003, six years after planting the vineyard, Erez and Vered built the winery in Rehelim.

Tura wines are among the highest quality Israeli boutique wines and are produced in accordance with the strictest standards.

The fact that the vineyard and the winery are under the same ownership contributes to the quality of the wine. In addition, the winery’s policy was built on the values of patience and perseverence – Tura wines are aged for three years (as opposed to the more common one or two years) before being bottled and marketed.

Tura winery currently produces about 26,000 bottles of wine annually, including from blends of Cabarnet, Merlot, Cabarnet Franc, Chardonnay and Shiraz grapes. The winery’s products also include port, alcoholic cider and olive oil.

Tura’s wines have won prestigious awards in Israel and around the world.

Tura’s products are kosher, under the supervision of the OU, Rabbi Unger, Badatz Beit Yosef and the rabbi of Rehelim.

The visitors center at the winery can host groups of up to 60 people. The tour of the winery lasts 40 minutes and includes explanations in the production and keg rooms and tastings of wine, olive oil and cider. Tours can be followed by a meal at the winery, at an extra charge and by advance arrangement.

Cost: NIS 25 per person

Duration: About 40 minutes

For further details and reservations: 052-7966613

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