Nachala Winery – Elon More

Nachala Winery – Elon More

Nachala Winery was founded in 2010 in the community of Nahalat Yosef and later moved to the Almond Farm in Elon More.

The winery was established by the Shvalb family, who had been making wine at home for many years, continuing a generations-long family tradition.

Nachala means inheritance, a name that personifies the winery. The Shvalbs grow their own grapes, assuring that their wine is made from only the very best ingredients.

Good wine starts with good grapes, and Nati and Nessia Shvalb, who recognize the importance of working the soil and settling the Land of Israel, planted their vineyards at an elevation of 750 meters above sea level – one of the conditions for growing high quality wine grapes. Family, friends and students from the yeshiva in Elon More also helped to plant and tend the vineyard.

The winemaking process is overseen by Shoshana Shvalb, Nati’s mother, who was a professional economist and bookkeeper, but tired of dealing with numbers and yearned to do something more creative. She acquired her winemaking expertise at Ariel University, Ramat Gan College and other viticulture courses.

Winemaking is a highly creative and exciting pursuit, from the beginning of the harvest, whose timing is carefully determined for when the grapes are just ripe, and continues through the organization of the many harvesters needed for the designated day. The grapes are then turned into wine, with each stage being closely monitored, from the time the grapes are harvested, during the fermentation and aging process, and until the wine is poured from the oak barrel to the bottle and from the bottle into a glass.

The decision to build a winery in Elon More was no arbitrary choice. Scattered among the  almond trees are ancient wine presses that attest to the glorious winemaking past of this region. Today we know that the unique conditions in the Shomron hills: terra rosa soil, moderate winter rainfall, cool nights and hot days all combine to create the optimal environment for producing good wine from exceptional grapes.

Nachala wines include:

Cabarnet Sauvignon



Shoham – a blend of Shiraz and Cabarnet Sauvignon grapes

Leshem – a blend of Merlot and Cabarnet Sauvignon grapes

Wines can be purchased at the winery or ordered by phone.

Contact us: Shoshana – 054-4616302

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