Tom Winery

Tom Winery

Tom Winery

In the Shomron Hills, between rivers and hilltops steeped in Jewish history, hills where the forefathers walked, today high quality grapes grow in lush green vineyards. Scattered all around are ancient winepresses – evidence of this region’s rich history of winemaking.

Part of the Jewish People’s return to their land has been the reawakening of nature, the greening of the hills and vines that spread their branches in welcome, “to my people Israel, for they will soon be coming” (Ezekiel 36:8).

At Tom Winery we have brought together the best climate and soil conditions and the best team of people for producing quality wines.

Pnini Farm is high in the Shomron Hills, at the end of the Itamar Range. The farm is surrounded by dozens of rock-hewn winepresses, evidence of viticulture here in ancient times.

The breathtaking view is a big part of the experience here all year long, and the Pnini family is always happy to welcome visitors.

Contact us: 052-7390764

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