Bishvilenu Tour and Study Center

Bishvilenu Tour and Study Center

Bishvilenu Tour and Study Center has been in operation for nearly 20 years and specializes in guided tours and hikes throughout northern Shomron, northern Israel and the coastal plain.

We offer tours tailored to the interests of a wide variety of groups – religious and secular, families, companies and organizations, preschool children, elementary, junior high and high school students, IDF soldiers and officers, adults and golden agers.

The center has an experienced staff of instructors, educators, content writers and logistics specialists who make every tour a perfect experience, planned down to the last detail.

Our seasoned guides feel privileged for the opportunity to connect visitors, tourists and hikers to the sites, history, heritage and nature in this region, by experiencing it in a unique and enjoyable way, and are a personal example of the Jewish People’s love for this country and the deep connection to the Jewish literary sources.

We will be happy to introduce you to the beautiful northern Shomron, with its many biblical and historical sites, scenic lookouts and various nature trails that are suitable for any group, from hiking enthusiasts to families or organizations looking for a relaxing day of fun.

Contact us: 04-04-6662333

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