Midreshet Harei Gofna

Midreshet Harei Gofna

Who are we?

Midreshet Harei Gofna was founded in 5770 (2010), with the goal of connecting the Jewish People to Shomron and the Modi’in region, and offers a wide variety of activities such as guided tours, lectures, interactive workshops and individually tailored events for all types of groups.

Midreshet Harei Gofna is also involved in research and holds an annual conference on the archeology and history of Harei Gofna, Shomron and nearby sites.

The midrasha’s activities also include the development of new hiking trails scenic lookouts, heritage and recreation sites, and making them accessible to the general public.

The midrasha’s outstanding qualities are:

Professionalism – professional, up-to-date guiding and instruction by qualified staff who adapt themselves to the character of each group.

Novelty – new hiking trails, unique activities and constant innovation in the activities offered.

Flexibility and adaptability to the visitor’s needs – arranging tours or special content as required, good communication with the groups, etc.

Joint efforts based on shared values – with groups, tourism sites under development, communities throughout the region, etc.

For further details and reservations:

Midreshet Harei Gofna – 02-6568894



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