Eshel Hashomron Hotel – Ariel

Eshel Hashomron Hotel – Ariel

Eshel Hashomron Hotel, located in the heart of Shomron – where so much of the Bible took place – is a vacation destination for Israelis and for tourists from around the world who want to feel closer to the Bible.

The hotel overlooks an ancient landscape dotted with olive, fig and carob trees, that gives guests the perfect surroundings for imagining the Bible stories that unfolded nearby.

The hotel’s unique architecture and experienced staff inspire the  groups that stay there to learn and understand more about the roots of the Jewish People and the Land of Israel.

The charming waterfalls, palm trees, large swimming pool, tastefully designed dining halls, event rooms, delicious meals and the 98 spacious guest rooms all create an atmosphere for a pleasant and enjoyable visit.

For information and reservations: 03-9366841

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