Ma’oz BaShetah – ATV Tours

Ma’oz BaShetah – ATV Tours

With Ma’oz BaShetah you don’t have to travel far for an amazing off-road tour in an ATV.

Together we will drive through the Shomron lowland hills, starting from the Oranit highway interchange, to scenic lookout points facing the breathtaking landscape of the entire coastal plain and the towns and cities of the Dan Region (in the late afternoon we can watch the sunset). We will also stop at two spectacular observation points for an explanation of what we can see: the first overlooks Nahal Rava riverbed and the quarry above it. The second stop overlooks Sarisya Ruins, an archeology site dating back to the Roman Period. The tour ends at a charming JNF hilltop picnic site, with tables surrounded by a eucalyptus grove.

A tour guide will accompany you, but you get to drive the ATV yourself, upon the presentation of a valid driver’s license.

Suitable for children from age two-and-a-half, if you bring your own safety car seats for the children.

Duration of the tour: 75-90 minutes

Each ATV seats 3 or 4 passengers, including the driver.


Two passengers: NIS 450.

Three passengers: NIS 600

Four passengers: NIS 700

Contact us: 055-9977664

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