Falafel Kitov – Barkan

Falafel Kitov – Barkan

I love working with my hands, and as multi-disciplinary artist (jewelery making, carpentry, photography) I always dreamed of making falafel. Now you can enjoy my dream come true!

Falafel Kitov is Israeli falafel with a unique flavor, prepared on site and served with lots of love, surrounded by a charming garden, in a delightful pastoral atmosphere.

***The falafel balls contain no bread or flour.

Open Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:00 noon until 21:00.

72 Hahavatzelet St., Barkan

I invite you to experience the wonderful flavor of Falafel Ki Tov

***Caution – addictive…and for dessert we have the best option from local cuisine – smooth, cool malabi that is simply delicious.

I will also share with you my great love for hummus…

It’s one of my favorite foods.

Hand-made hummus, ground on site from fresh ingredients, with no preservatives. Served with ful/msabbaha (hummus mixed with tehina, lemon juice, herbs and spices), hard-boiled eggs and fine olive oil, and served with lots of love, of course. The pita as always fresh and the condiments (onion, chipka pickled peppers, and green dip) add refreshing color and flavor. When the hummus is that tasty, you can even eat it with a teaspoon.

Contact us: 052-7268899

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