Kishrey Tefillin

Kishrey Tefillin

Kishrey Tefillin

Kishrey Tefillin educational mezuza and tefillin center is in Tal Menashe, in northern Shomron, in delightful green surroundings,

We have made it our goal to acquaint visitors with the wonders of tefillin, mezuzas and sacred scrolls through a meaningful, exciting and interactive experience.

Special program for bar mitzva boys and their families, to see, feel, read and write part of the parchment scrolls that go into the tefillin.

When you buy tefillin from our workshop, the father (or grandfather) helps to insert the parchments into the tefillin and sew them closed. This special experience is our bonus gift to you.

Visits by advance arrangement, but can usually be arranged the same day.

We can also bring our presentation to you, as an exciting and educational activity for various age groups.

Contact us: 052-4349996

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