Gatot Barkan

Gatot Barkan

Visitors to the ruins of the ancient industrial zone of Barkan, adjacent to the modern industrial zone in Barkan, can see impressive archeological remains, hewn into the pale bedrock.

There are three large water pools and one small pool, and a huge pressing floor – considered one of the largest and most beautiful in Israel.

The shortage of flowing springs in this area, and the hard bedrock that is suitable for quarrying, are the two main reasons that pools hewn into the rock are typical of western Shomron.

Large rock-hewn pools can be found elsewhere in this region, including at Bareket and Zarta, both inside the Green Line, and at Deir Sam’an near Peduel, Khurkush Ruins on the outskirts of the Barkan industrial zone and Tsenirim Park in Kedumim. These pools apparently started out as ancient quarries, and were carefully planned such that once a certain amount of rock had been removed from them for construction, they could be used as reservoirs for water, for humans and for the flocks of animals that grazed in the surrounding area.

Other ancient installations nearby include tombs, ancient quarries and silos for storing grain and produce, all hewn into the rock.

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