Israel’s Lookout

Israel’s Lookout

This exceptional lookout is situated on the western slopes of the Samarian mountain range, near the town of Peduel. From the lookout one can get a good view of nearly the entire coastline of Israel from Ashkelon in the south, through the Tel-Aviv metropolitan and Ben-Gurion Airport in the center and up to Haifa in the north.  This vista point overlooks the largest Jewish community in the world with a direct line of sight to the homes and working places of approximately 6 million citizens, 75% of Israel’s population.

The lookout is shaded and has seating areas, flower beds and long range peer binoculars free of charge that add to the pleasure of the visit to this special site.  A short walking path leads from the lookout to the nearby massive Roman fortress of Deir Kala, built in the year 545 A.D .by the Emperor Justinian I.

Israel’s Lookout attracts annually tens of thousands of visitors during holidays and throughout the year. If you are lucky – you might witness a romantic event since the site attracts marriage proposals from all over the country on a weekly basis!

Opening hours: Every day from 8:00 A.M. until 9:00 PM.
On Shabbat and Jewish holidays, visitors must park their cars at Peduel’s main gate.

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