Hanekuda Hakafrit – Itamar

Hanekuda Hakafrit – Itamar

Hanekuda Hakafrit is on a hill in the Itamar Range.

This agricultural tourism site offers a variety of services and activities for families and groups: Petting zoo, picnic area with trees and lawns, rural accommodations (a campsite with washroom and shower facilities) and field kitchen overlooking the spectacular landscape.

Activities include workshops in farming skills, from shepherding to master-chef outdoor cuisine, with each workshop tailored to the interests and level of the participants.

Meals can be ordered for eating on site or taking away.

Local tour guides will be happy to show visitors around the area, as well as to guide them at other sites throughout Shomron.

Hanekuda Hakafrit – part of the Israel experience

Contact us: 052-3003523

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