Havat Ma’oz Tsvi

Havat Ma’oz Tsvi

We invite you to experience Dotan Valley – Ma’oz Tsvi is an agro-tourism farm in northern Shomron and is a beautiful and very popular site for tourists.

The farm nestles on a breathtaking hill, between a vineyard, olive groves, almond trees and a lush green forest.

Recently Shelef Observation Deck was inaugurated in memory of Omer Shelef. Omer, an only son, was killed while trekking abroad about 19 years ago, and two years later his father Zvika was killed in a terror attack.

Visitors can enjoy the spectacular view from this easily accessible deck overlooking Dotan Valley, the scene of dramatic biblical events, heroism and revitalization. Here you will find picnic tables, shaded rest areas and barbecue sites.

Other local tourist attractions include Kaduri Art Gallery, bee hives and honey-tasting, and extreme sports.

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