Shomron Tour and Study Center

Shomron Tour and Study Center

Shomron Tour and Study Center was established in 1986 as the place to go for professional educational and pleasure tours, seminars and conferences in the Shomron and Jordan Valley regions.

We guide tours from Mt. Gilboa and the Carmel ridge in the north, along the coastal plain to the west, down into the Jordan Valley to the east and to the Jerusalem hills and Judean lowlands to the south – and of course Shomron in the heart of them all.

Shomron Tour and Study Center hosts, teaches and guides a wide variety of groups: elementary and high school students from the religious and secular education systems, university students, soldiers, teachers, pensioners, families, etc.

We offer one-day and overnight tours, one- and multi-day seminars and conferences, hospitality at our guest house – including meals and transportation, depending on each group’s needs.

The professional instructors and guides at the tour and study center are trained and qualified in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s standards for guiding students and in accordance with the Ministry of Tourism’s regulations for guiding adults. The guest house and the center’s offices are in the community of Shave Shomron.

Our goal is to be a professional tour and study center that will provide in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the Shomron region: archeology, biblical context, botanics, geography, geology, history, nature preservation, population groups, and the return of Jewish life to these hills.

As the only tour and study center of its kind in Shomron, we feel a sense of mission and commitment to bringing our knowledge of the rich heritage of Shomron to the general public in the most professional manner.

In order to realize our mission and goal, we work in cooperation with many regional authorities: Shomron Regional Council, Israel Nature and Parks Authority, Israel Antiquities Authority, Ariel University, Shomron Research and Development and the nearby local councils.

For further details and reservations:

Phone: 09-8841623



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