Gidonim Ridge

Gidonim Ridge

Gidonim Ridge, also known as Itamar Range, is a ridge of hills in the Shomron, stretching 13 kilometers eastward from Nablus to the edge of the Jordan Valley.

The community of Itamar perches on this ridge, with its various neighborhoods spread over the hilltops: Givot Olam, Hanekuda, Givat Yanuah, Mt. Gidon, Alumot and Givat Arnon. Several lookouts have been built on the hills, including Three Seas Lookout, Matan Lookout – named after Matan Zigron – and Gidonim Lookout. The monument there has been associated with the biblical judge Gidon, but since Scripture states that Gidon was buried in his family’s tomb in Ofra (“And Gidon the son of Yo’ash died in a good old age and was buried in the tomb of Yo’ash his father, in Ofra of the Avi-ezri” – Judges 8:32), the monument cannot belong to Gidon’s grave.

A beautiful observation point on the eastern edge of the ridge overlooks Mt. Sartaba to the southeast, in the Jordan Valley.

This part of the range also has many outcroppings of basalt rock, leading researchers to believe this site was once an active volcano.

Gidonim ridge has many tourism sites that offer unique experiences. We invite you to visit the goats at Givot Olam Farm and taste the amazing yogurt made from their milk; to participate in a ceramics workshop at Mud on the Mountain Studio, and enjoy the fresh air and view from Gidonim Center.

At the exit from Itamar on the way up to the hilltops, it’s worth scheduling a rest stop at Ma’ayan Irus Hashomron, a man-made spring at the eastern exit of the lower neighborhoods of Itamar. Come and enjoy the water and the view at this popular tourist attraction.

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